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The premium photo lab WhiteWall has created an inspiring new design edition of picture frames together with Studio Besau-Marguerre. The Hamburg design studio has conceived three editions with three colour worlds in yellow, purple and green. The result: frames with four different-coloured ledges from one colour family.


The Design Edition will be available in WhiteWall stores and online from 01 February 2023.


Frames are products that tend to be in the background in today’s perception, framing a picture or photograph and elevating and presenting it on a stage. „In the Design Edition for WhiteWall, the frame is to become the Hero, a special piece that enters into an exciting dialogue with the photograph,“ say the designer duo Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau from Hamburg. As early as the Gothic period, the frame established itself as a work of art in its own right. At that time, frames were often built before it was known which work of art would find a place in them. The fact that the signature or initials of the frame maker were always found on the picture in addition to those of the painter proves the high value of the picture frame at that time. „With the frame collection, we are bringing this idea back into a contemporary context.

The Design Edition is a collection of three different frames with a green, a yellow and a purple colour scheme. Each frame consists of four different shades within this colour world, so each moulding has a different colour. This creates a strong dynamic between frame and image. The viewer’s gaze is guided in an exciting way and the frame begins to „live“. Nevertheless, the frames remain neutral in themselves, as all the colours come from one colour palette.

























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