Eclectic Patio

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Designpost Köln

The Patio Space at Design Post Cologne:

A new hybrid meeting place with a café and lounge areas


Based on a concept developed by Studio Besau-Marguerre, with the support of top-class brand

partners, a hybrid meeting space featuring a café and lounge areas has been created at Design Post:

the “Eclectic Patio”, a welcoming, informal setting for a meeting, a lunch-date or for work in a relaxed

environment providing many amenities.

The Patio, which connects the spacious outdoor terrace and the adjoining indoor area at Design

Post, is intended as a place for informal meetings. Featuring changing objects by current exhibitors,

the Patio can also be booked for events. It thus complements the Work Space and the Studio Space,

which, in the overall sense, function as active and flexible working areas.


The design of the „Eclectic Patio“ clearly stands out from the exhibitors‘ brand presentations: the

colours and materials of the furniture contrast strongly and thus deliberately emphasise the

eclecticism. Wood, metal, glass, high-quality plastics and the subtle use of black accents complete

the overall concept. The result is a mix based on diversity and, at the same time, on the harmony of

elements such as curtains, wallpaper, carpets and furniture.

„The flexible zoning and furnishing of the space facilitates a wide variety of meeting set ups. All areas are designed to create spaces for communication,“ says Eva Marguerre of Studio Besau-Marguerre. The resulting cosy and relaxed atmosphere of the Patio fosters inspiration, the generation of ideas and provides valuable impulses: a platform for development.


The concept of the Patio designed by Studio

Besau-Marguerre is fresh and innovative. It

appeals to a new, remote form of work-life

balance and embodies a heterogeneous

arrangement with a unique and dynamic style.


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