The Third dimension of weavinG ruGs


What is design capable of? In the best-case scenario, it can reimagine a product – just as Besau Marguerre did with RIB. WHEN THE HAMBURG-BASED DESIGN DUO RECEIVED THE ORDER FROM REUBER HENNING TO DESIGN A WOVEN RUG COLLECTION, EVA MARGUERRE AND MARCEL BESAU BEGAN BY QUESTIONING EVERYTHING CONSIDERED CERTAIN. “WE PREFER TO DE- VELOP NEW PROJECTS BY RESEARCHING MATERIALS AND HANDICRAFT TECHNIQUES,” SAYS MARGUERRE. THE RESULT IS unusually three-dimensional rugs with strong ribs. While woven rugs are usually flat – flat weave being the technical term – the RIB collection has a color-contrasting, linear relief structure. This makes the rugs particularly lively, soft and tactile.

The strong ribbing of the new collection not only makes the woven rugs look unusually three-dimensional – it also makes details such as warp and weft threads or the type of weave particularly clear. “Our first drafts on a hand loom all looked exciting and beautiful up close,” says Marcel Besau. “Viewed from a greater distance, howe- ver, the pattern blurred and became a color,” the Hamburg designer continues. “That bothered us somewhat, but it also inspired us. We wanted to scale up the beautiful details of the fabric“, his partner Eva Marguerre adds.

After a series of experiments, Besau Marguerre decided on a novel combination of two types of fabric, a rib and double weave. The rib weave is used for the raised ribs, which are extra thick due to the use of a particularly large number of weft threads. The stripes in between are woven in double weave, which allows for a color change. In a departure from convention, the fringes are knotted from the weft threads, not from the warp. The special design of the RIB collection emphasizes the artisanal character of the rugs hand woven in India. The high-quality wool yarns really come into their own. Color contrasts in rhythmic alternation create tension and make the rugs quite literally shine. The clear, graphic stripe pattern in turn ensures that the RIB collection finds its place in every interior and in every style.
The RIB collection is available in two sizes and with three rib variants – fine, medium and double. There‘s also a choice of four different color combinations, from subtle to strong and rich in contrast.
















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